Seoul Branch's Five Businesses

Sales of membrane separators for secondary batteries to South Korean global companies

We respond to various VOC (volatile organic compound) gas recovery needs and provide the optimum solvent recovery equipment that meets the needs of our customers. Our adsorption type solvent recovery device uses high-performance activated carbon fiber. We can reduce production costs and environmental impact by recycling solvents.

Sales of separator film and nonwoven fabric manufacturing equipment overseas

We provide various film manufacturing equipment, carbon fiber and chemically synthesized fiber manufacturing equipment, LiB separator film manufacturing equipment, and metal filter cleaners.

Sales of materials

We provide businesses, such as manufacturing of South Korean SiC ingots for power semiconductors, wafer marking, wafer reclaiming, and wafer quality analysis and assessment.

Precision cleaning units and thin film coaters

We clean a wide range of materials, up to nano-sized fine particles for the cleaning process of electronic devices, such as LCD panels and semiconductors.
With spray coating that controls the width and speed of particles designed for evolving functional materials and large, three-dimensional, or uneven materials, we deliver nano-size super-thin films and even films with a thickness of a few micrometers.

OEM design and manufacturing for Japan

As a machinery trading company specializing in machines, we offer can products and incidental facilities that customers require by leveraging experience and expertise developed over the years.